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Meet Our Founder and President

Mujahid & Associates in Ann Arbor, Michigan was founded by H Daniel Mujahid in 2008. He is a retired staff executive of the Chrysler Corporation (now the FCA) and served as a marketing manager of the Chrysler Pavilion at the 1984 World's Fair Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was here where the minivan was first introduced as a production vehicle in the United States.

At Chrysler, Daniel was most noted for his “2nd Tier Minority Inclusion” Initiative, which was kicked off with a speech from Vice Chair Robert A. Lutz requiring all Chrysler 1st Tier suppliers to develop strategies for increasing utilization of products and services from minority vendors, contractors, and service providers.

Educational Background

Daniel earned an M.B.A. from Ross School of Business (University of Michigan) with an emphasis in Strategic Marketing. He also earned a B.S. degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources Administration from Michigan State University. As a student of the great visionary and leader Warith Deen Mohammed of Chicago, Illinois, Daniel became Detroit Representative for the Collective Purchasing Conference.

Reaching New Career Heights

After the formation of Mujahid & Associates, he developed strategic relationships with diverse business leaders in education, government, and religion. These included lead consultancy positions in the following:

  • Transforming Wayne County Government (Robert A. Ficano, Executive, 2010)
  • Diversifying automotive supplier portfolios to include additional customer markets (i.e., MCI and SEEL, Sova Plastics (Automotive) with Medical Equipment Green Technology, etc.)
  • Facilitating DTEE collaborations with Michigan State University (Go Green, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

  • Conducting and coaching faith-based initiatives among Detroit Metropolis religious organizations (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc.) and institutions
  • Training STEM stakeholders through the application of the arts (i.e., Tapology Inc. of Flint, Michigan; Golf with The Brown Boyz & Girlz of Detroit; and Keys of Submission live music collaborations)
  • Serving as automotive strategy coach for Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Global Push Symposium

Personal Profile

Daniel is married to Denise C. Barton, an Assistant Attorney General of the State of Michigan. They have two beautiful, educated daughters: Sarah and Mahasin.

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